Why ABC handed Thursdays to Shonda Rhimes: Because she gets it

09.25.14 3 years ago


Why ABC handed Thursdays to Shonda Rhimes: Because she gets it
Shonda Rhimes and her “ShondaLand” gets that social media is a key ingredient in promoting your show. But that”s not all. As Alexander Hardy notes, “With a decade of primetime hits and misses under her belt, Rhimes is a master at creating bustling content, hooking viewers emotionally, and assaulting the senses with just the right amounts the saccharine and the stomach turning. Her characters-whether gladiators, doctors, or otherwise-are cocktails made with equal parts ridiculous, despicable, and histrionic.” PLUS: How much TV can Shonda conquer?, how Shonda Rhimes revolutionized gay characters, and play the “TGIT” drinking game.

“Scandal” is back: Here are 4 hopes for new season
Season 4 needs to have more Olivia, less Olitz. PLUS: “Scandal” stars tease Season 4, how to talk like a Gladiator, how to design an Olivia Pope-style living room, and 10 cryptic teases for the new season.

Watch “Chris Pratt”s “SNL” promos with Ariana Grande
As Pratt learns, she”s actually Italian.

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How will “Grey”s Anatomy” deal with the loss of Cristina Yang?
The Shonda Rhimes drama has endured many departures, but the Meredith-Cristina friendship was one of the show's defining factors.

“Black-ish” is more “My Wife And Kids” than “The Cosby Show”
It”s time to stop comparing ABC”s new comedy to “Cosby,” says Arit John. “The big difference is that 'The Cosby Show” did what it did first, and better,” he says. PLUS: “Black-ish” was only “Smart-ish.”

Discovery bringing back 2 ex-“Mythbusters” to host Punkin Chunkin
It”ll be Kari Byron and Tory Belleci”s first appearance on Discovery since they were let go from “Mythbusters.”

“Parenthood”s” final season will be full of gravitas
“The season is dealing with the potential loss of someone, I wouldn”t say we're saying goodbye to somebody,” says exec producer Jason Katims. “They're dealing with mortality. While we've touched on it in season four with Kristina, we're dealing with it in a very different way in a way. This is something that affects the entire family and it informs what everybody will go through the whole season.”

Rob Schneider responds to State Farm pulling his “SNL”-themed ad over his anti-vaccine views
“Thanks to all my supporters who believe as I do that parents should decide what's in the best interests of their child, not Gov't mandates,” he tweeted.

Bob Odenkirk is a podiatrist who treats Gillian Jacobs on “Tim & Eric”s Bedtime Stories”
Watch him prepare to cut off her toes.

Watch Sarah Silverman roast Krusty the Clown
From “The Simpsons” season premiere.

A supermarket has been transformed to promote “Selfie”
The ABC comedy is everywhere at this market”s checkout stand.

Meet “Hannibal”s” chef
Spanish-born chef Jose Andrews specializes in “Cannibal Cuisine.”

See pics from “The 100”
Here”s your 1st look at Season 2.

Does “Key & Peele” have a “lady problem”?
A character like shrill and needy girlfriend Meegan is a “a walking, talking embodiment of bad stand-up about how crazy girlfriends can act,” says Sara Stewart.

“Gilmore Girls” alum Liza Weil has appeared on 4 Shonda Rhimes” series
The former Paris Gellar guested with her husband, Paul Adelstein, on “Private Practice. She”s appeared on “Grey”s Anatomy.” She had a memorable role on “Scandal.” And now she”s on “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Netflix orders a “Winx Club” spinoff
The fairy animated kids series is expanding with “Winx Club WOW: World Of Winx.”

Pornstache from “Orange is the New Black” is said to be dating “Dancing”s” Karina Smirnoff
Pablo Schreiber and Smirnoff were spotted getting cozy together at last week”s iHeartRadio Music Festival, according to Us Weekly.

“How to Get Away with Murder” seems like it came from the “Shonda Rhimes Build-a-Show Kit”
“Murder” is a “concise amalgam” of “Grey”s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” says Willa Paskin: “Set at the fictional Middleton Law School in Philadelphia, Murder, like ‘Grey”s,' focuses on a highly competitive, extremely bright, very attractive, multiracial group of classmates, as they try to please an exceedingly demanding teacher. Like ‘Scandal,' it throws those classmates into a high-octane, high-stakes, high-plot world, where ethics dim before the allure of an astonishingly competent, black female professional. It is simultaneously totally fun and somehow wan: kicky and fast and, so far, just a copycat.” PLUS: “Murder” needs more Viola Davis and less mystery, “Murder” is crazy fun, “Murder” isn”t even about Davis – she”s only the star in the literal sense, the murder isn”t the most important or engaging thing about this show, the pilot is ingenious yet it may be a little too smart for its own good, it isn”t as clever as it thinks, Davis is so magnetic but there's nobody to root for, and how creator Pete Nowalk ended up in Shondaland.

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