Why can’t ‘The Voice’ find a successful winner?

06.14.13 4 years ago

Why can’t “The Voice” find a successful winner?

So far, Season 1 winner Javier Colon has sold fewer albums than William Hung and “American Idol’s” least successful winner, Lee DeWyze.

Gordon Ramsay hit with a class action lawsuit from his restaurant employees
The Fox chef is accused of not paying employees minimum wage at an L.A. restaurant.

Olive Garden lends Jimmy Fallon its slogan: “When you’re here, you’re family”

“We reached out to Olive Garden and said, ‘If you’re not going to use that slogan any more, can we have it? and they said yes,” says Fallon.

“Arrested Development” teams with New Yorker for Emmy ads
Check out the “Arrested” characters, illustrated in classic Al Hirschfeld style.

Ryan Seacrest isn’t leaving “Idol” anytime soon

“Every day of my life for the last 12 — almost 13 — years,” he says. “I’ve gotten up to either host ‘Idol’ or go on the auditions. So I’d like to do it as long as they’d like to have me.”

John Oliver’s “too good” a job on “The Daily Show” — is it all about the writers?

Is Oliver diminishing what made Jon Stewart so special?

How the “Game of Thrones” creators wound up writing an “It’s Always Sunny” episode

Rob McElhenney says he first became friends with D.B. Weiss, then David Benioff. “We probably hung out three or four times socially,” says McElhenney. “And one night we went out to dinner and they said, ‘Hey, we want to pitch you an episode of the show.'”

Tim Allen celebrates his 60th birthday
The “Last Man Standing” star was greeted last night with a marching band.

Watch the trailer for Showtime’s “Masters of Sex”
Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan play famed sex researchers Masters and Johnson.

Dean Cain reacts to “Man of Steel”

The former “Lois & Clark” star was anxious to wear his old Superman costume.

“Bachelorette” star talks about his domestic violence arrest, denies punching ex in face
Brad McKinzie addressed his domestic violence charge, which was later dismissed, on this week’s episode and her accusation that he punched her in the face. PLUS: Why Brandon cried, and watch “The Baby Bachelor” make his home visits.

1 year ago, “SNL’s” Cecily Strong was babysitting and “just being poor”

She was also touring with Second City and working the box office at Improv Olympics when she got the chance to audition for Lorne Michaels. “I cried a lot,” she says of the audition process. “I cry all the time. Ask anyone. But I was so excited to be so close. It was something I”d dreamed about.”

Dean Norris: I can talk about the “Breaking Bad” ending with only 8 people
“I can’t trust my wife with it,” he says. PLUS: Meet “Breaking Bad’s” composer.

Study: Cable TV helped bring down India’s birth rate
Researchers studied rural villages in five Indian states, and found that once a village got cable TV, fertility declined within a year.

“Vampire Diaries” fans help track down Ian Somerhalder’s Twitter hacker
The result was a civil conversation between Somerhalder and his hacker.

Giuliana Rancic delivers the E! News naked for Joan Rivers’ 80th birthday

Rivers dared Rancic to host in the buff.

Why is “Mistresses” getting the flak that “Scandal” never gets?
After all, “Scandal” revolves around a mistress.

Alec Baldwin: “I don’t necessarily want to be a cable channel prestige documentary host”
But the actor couldn’t resist hosting Nat Geo’s “Night of Exploration,” which begins tonight.

Bobby Flay recalls cooking for Obama and China’s president

“I made an All-American meal,” the Food Network star says of the meal he cooked last Friday.

European fast food chain launches a Homer Simpson-themed menu
Check out the “Donut Burgers” and cheesy doughnuts at the restaurant Quick.

“Toddlers & Tiaras” mom is creating an energy drink for kids
Says pageant mom Tori Hensley: “A lot of studies show that caffeine reverses the effects of hyperactive children. Instead of medications and pills and nasty chemicals, why not give them caffeine?”

“Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke has become Britain’s hottest young actress
The HBO role is one of Clarke’s first acting gigs.

Before “The Bling Ring,” there was E!’s “Pretty Wild”
The short-lived 2010 reality show features two of the celebrity burglars who portrayed in Sofia Coppola’s new movie.

Dennis Rodman’s “Vice” trip to North Korea airs, looking like propaganda
Tonight’s episode makes North Korea seem silly, not scary.

IFC airing 3 “Three Stooges” marathons, complete with on-screen facts

The marathons, which begin Saturday, will come with facts from Mental Floss magazine.

“True Blood” is back for Season 6 — and very naked
At this point, is nudity the only reason to watch the HBO series? PLUS: “True Blood’s” showrunner previews Season 6, and does the new season get back on track?

Bear Grylls fan gets a bloody big tattoo

Said the reality star: “Now thats commitment!! (My mum would go mad!!)”

“Veep” creator: Real life is mirroring our show
“We wrote the series and recorded it some time ago,” says  Armando Iannucci, “and it’s sort of strangely mirroring what’s going on. So we’ve got debt discussions, and breakdowns, and shutdowns, and now we”re absorbed with a spy scandal.”

TV stars reveal their fave shows

Plus, what their characters would be watching.

Jeff Garlin tells Judd Apatow about losing his virginity to a heckler

“I was 20,” the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star says in his newest podcast. “She was 30 and a lawyer.” They did it on the beach, he recalls, and a bum stole his clothes.

“Magic City” returns, still one of TV’s best-looking shows
The 1959 Miami Beach-set Starz series may not get the acclaim of “Mad Men,” but its writing is “perfectly fine” and its setting is “thoroughly transporting,” says Matthew Gilbert. PLUS: Kelly Lynch and Danny Huston on Season 2.

Presenting The Hottest TV Dads of All Time

In honor of Father’s Day.

For sale: “Suits” body wash, cufflinks

The USA show is steaming with Birchbox for “Suits”-themed products.

“Kimmy Gibler” from “Full House” has been posting old pics on Instagram

Check out Andrea Barber hanging out with her castmates in real life in 1989.

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham got D-cup breast implants

It’s her 4th plastic surgery in three years.

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