Will Daniel Craig really make eight James Bond films total?

12.19.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

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Five more movies with Daniel Craig.

That’s the dream of the producers of the James Bond franchise, anyway, as revealed in a recent Michael Wilson interview with The People, a London-based newspaper.  He’s apparently very happy with the way “Skyfall” is coming together, and he’s ready to start pinning down the star of the series for a truly epic eight total films as James Bond.

That means he’ll do as many movies as the character as there were in the entire “Harry Potter” series.  As someone who was thrilled by “Casino Royale” and who loves certain things about “Casino Royale Part 1 and a Half,” it’s exciting to think about what sort of narrative opportunity there is if they’re now aware that they’ve got five movies to play with.

Let me ask something of EON now, though.  If they’re really going to do this, and Craig agrees, and they gear up for a mad dash through five films, which could take as long as eight to ten years to pull off, then please tell me that there will be some real continuity with real consequences for Bond.

I was not there when “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was released, but I can only imagine the audience reactions to the end of the movie.  I wish I could have had that pop culture moment, and I think it packs a punch even removed from its moment.  James Bond finally had something taken away from him, and it made him cold and ambitious in hunting down everyone responsible.  It gave him a main villain or organization to chase.

They’ve already shown that there is real continuity between the two movies Craig has starred in, but they should push it further.  I feel like they’ve already set things in motion, and now they’re getting ready to really pay it off.

I’m excited that they’re excited.  To me, that’s what the Bond franchise needs… energy.  That’s what made “Casino Royale” such a breath of fresh air.  It felt like everyone involved was determined to get it right.  And by all accounts, Craig is very vocal about what he expects on these films.  He’s one of the reasons that you’ve got Sam Mendes onboard directing the new one, and I’m thrilled to see EON stepping up with at least some sort of game plan.

“Skyfall” will arrive in theaters November 9, 2012.

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