Ron Burgundy would like to sell you a new truck

10.07.13 4 years ago

If there are two things in this world American people love, they are trucks and the movie “Anchorman.” Just listen closely the next time an enormous gas-guzzling vehicle drives by — I can pretty much guarantee the fella behind the wheel will be rambling on about loving lamps and whales’ vaginas.

The truck company Dodge has taken advantage of the common man’s love for “Anchorman’ (and his excitement over ‘Anchorman 2”), enlisting none other than Will Ferrell’s doofy Ron Burgundy to sell Durangos. Mr. Burgundy shot a series of ads dressed in his standard red suit.

Watch Ron insult a beautiful horse:

Here’s what you need to know about the glove box, in terms of gum storage capabilities:

Sometimes it gets hard to pronounce all those technical auto industry terms:

Nice try, Dodge. But I’m not buying a new car until Brick Tamland tells me to do so.

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