Will Natalie Portman star in the Damon LIndelof-scripted ‘Alien’ prequel?

10.13.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

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That’s the question being breathlessly asked across the internet this morning, and it’s certainly a provocative one.

Ridley Scott’s been talking about making an “Alien” sequel or prequel for a while now, and finally settled into the prequel idea.  Early work on the script was done by Jon Spaihts, a talented writer whose “Passengers” is one of my favorite unproduced works of the last few years.  Recently, though, word broke that Damon Lindelof would be writing… something.  Either a new draft or a new take or a new something.

Lindelof reportedly turned in the new draft to the studio over the weekend, and they’re eager to get going.  Since they’re about to make a credile and possible run at the Oscar for Natalie Portman, it makes perfect sense that they would have her at the top of their list for possible stars for this film.  I’m curious to see what Ridley Scott would get from Portman, and despite my misgivings about anyone making a prequel to pretty much anything at this point, Ridley Scott is where this all began, and him returning to play with this iconography again, especially if he plans to make it a real horror film and not an action movie, is actually exciting.

Noomi Rapace, star of the original “Millennium Trilogy” as Lisbeth Salander, is also on the short list, so there’s no guarantee it will be Portman.  She’s got a totally different type of hype going these days, and Rapace has already committed to “Sherlock Holmes 2,” while Portman just fell out of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” which was supposed to be her next film.

If this is going to be a summer 2012 release, then some big choices are going to have to be made soon, so chances are we’ll hear some concrete decisions by the end of the year.

In the meantime, Portman can be seen in Darren Aronfsky’s “Black Swan” when they open the film this December.

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