Will Smith has a new single and there’s a swear word in it

10.02.15 2 years ago

It's been ten years since Will Smith gifted us with a musical offering. And can I say? “Switch” was a good single. For a song with a clap-along beat and the lyric “This a club, girl / Why you arrive naked?”, it's pretty rad. Now Will returns with “Suicide Squad”-like intensity to music by way of a guest appearance on Colombian group Bomba Estéreo's “Fiesta (Remix)”.

And maybe he's lost his morals, because there is a swear word present.

Serviceably danceable, no? Too bad Will Smith made a pact with the devil and included the phrase “hot shit” around the 1:14 mark, tarnishing his record of a cuss-free discography. And then he follows up with a Sofia Vergara reference to double-down on cool points. Kids love Emmy-nominated primetime actresses. Facts are facts.

Now that I'm done making fun of Will Smith, I'm going to listen to this again. It might actually be hot shit. 

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