Listen: Will Sugarland’s new single ‘Stuck Like Glue’ stick with fans?

07.27.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

“Stuck Like Glue” isn”t only the name of Sugarland”s new single, it”s the description of how affixed the tune will be on the radio airwaves. It”s a little bit like the band”s “All I Wanna Do” with its infectious sing-along chorus, yet it takes Sugarland to a different place with its funky rhythms combined with lead singer Jennifer Nettles” twangy vocals. There”s also the quirky Hawaiian/islandy feel to the beginning (Raise your hand if it reminds you of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”).

Lyrically, the song celebrates-sort of-a love that dies and then revives itself again and again. “There you go, pulling my right back in,” she sings. We”re not sure being “stuck like glue” is such a good option here, but Nettles sounds so darn happy about it that she”s convinced us. She even raps in the middle. We’re sure that’s going to light up the switchboards at radio stations. It’s not that she’s bad at rapping; she adequate, to put it nicely, but the rap is completely extraneous and makes the song a novelty. 

“Stuck Like Glue,” the first single from the duo”s fourth studio album, “The Incredible Machine,” is for sale on iTunes and getting airplay on radio, but the label won”t let us stream it, so if you can”t hear it on your local radio station or don”t want to buy it, below is the embed of Sugarland performing it live on July 24 in Eau Claire, Wis.  We saw Sugarland two weeks ago in Los Angeles. They weren”t performing “Stuck Like Glue” yet, but it was clear from the three new songs Nettles and Kristian Bush played, that they”re trying to push the boundaries of what they do. That”s fine, but the title track, a plodding tune, went over like a lead balloon in concert that night. So much so, that Nettles thanked the audience “for indulging us.” Still, Sugarland”s fans know and love the band”s quirks and detours, and more often than not, are very happy to choose the road less traveled with them. We”ll see if they”re willing to continue on their ambitious journey.

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