‘Suicide Squad’ future bomb or blockbuster?

and 08.14.15 2 years ago

It”s a big swing – will it be a hit or a miss?

David Ayer”s “Suicide Squad” is a frequent topic around here – and in the world. Each new image, piece of news, and marketing release stirs the pot anew. There”s a feeling of both excitement and trepidation surrounding the film. This feels like DC/Warner Brothers boldest endeavor to date and — quite possibly — a game changer for comic book movies.

Both Donna Dickens and myself have been eagerly watching the project unfold from the start (as so many have.) Today, we each give our stance on why we feel that “Suicide Squad” may very well be the best — or worst — comic book movie adaptation ever made.

Take a look at the video above or below to hear our thoughts.



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