Will there be an ‘Avengers’-related TV series on ABC?

07.30.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Marvel Entertainment

“The Avengers” as a TV series?

Possibly. According to Deadline, Marvel and ABC are in exploratory talks to develop a TV series that takes place “in the ‘Avengers’ world”, though the connection to Joss Whedon’s film version is expected to be “light” and will likely feature a completely different set of characters. In other words: expect less “Avengers” and more “Avengers”-adjacent.

The ideas being considered allegedly include a “high-concept cop show,” among other things. And if that sounds silly (which, let’s be honest, it kinda does), you can’t necessarily blame them for trying, seeing as “The Avengers” has now made over $1.4 billion worldwide.

So, what say you? Does the idea of an “Avengers” TV show reek of money-grubbing, or do you think it’s actually a good idea? Would you even watch a TV show that takes place in the “‘Avengers’ world” but doesn’t actually feature any of the original characters? Sound off in the comments!

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