Winter Games Round-Up: Mikaela Shiffren, J.R. Celski, women’s ski cross

02.21.14 4 years ago

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So… we’re just not going to discuss hockey, okay? There are a lot of other Olympic events left to watch. Let’s just move on. Mikaela Shiffren! 

3:00 p.m. – NBC – Freestyle Skiing (Women’s Ski Cross), Biathlon (Women’s Relay)
* You know what people call ski cross? Roller derby on snow. Yeah, there’s a lot of crashing and wiping out, and there are skis involved, so it’s extra dangerous! If you haven’t seen ski cross yet, don’t feel too badly — it only made the cut for the Olympics in 2010. While there are no American women competing this year (the only American ski cross racer at Sochi is John Teller), you’ll still want to see if 21-year-old favorite Fanny Smith of Switzerland will be able to beat France’s three-time world medalist Ophelie David. 
* Also, biathlon. Skiing, shooting, yay!
8:00 p.m. – NBC – Alpine Skiing (Women’s Slalom), Short Track (Men’s 500m, Men’s Relay, Women’s 1000m), Speed Skating (Men’s Team Pursuit)
* Okay, you’ll want to watch women’s slalom for Mikaela Shiffrin. Just 18-years-old, she could be the first American to take the gold in this event since 1972. Hint, hint. 
* Short track speed skater J.R Celski skated to a bronze medal in the 5000m relay with Apolo Ohno in 2010, so he has a good shot at making the medal podium here, too. 
* Scot Elise Christie will attempt to win the first Short Track medal ever by a British woman. She also has a Jack Russel-Pomerianian mix named Benji, so go ahead, root for her! 

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