Must-see Olympic events for Tuesday: Will the U.S. pass Russian in the medal count?

02.18.14 4 years ago

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So did you see the ice dancing last night? Did you? DID YOU? Because it was awesome. And, Team USA for the gold, people. That’s never happened before. There was some other stuff, sure, but ice dancing! It wasn’t just about Meryl Davis and Charlie White, either. Alex and Mia Shibutani ice danced to friggin’ Michael Jackson. They also used some Michael Buble music, but we won’t hold that against them. 

5:00 p.m. ET – NBC – Alpine Skiing (Women’s Giant Slalom), Freestyle Skiing (Men’s Halfpipe), Bobsled (Women’s), Snowboarding (Men’s Snowboard Cross)

* Okay, so it’s not great that Team USA’s Julia Mancuso didn’t medal in the giant slalom, but hey, Mikaela Shiffrin came in fifth for her debut. That’s pretty awesome, right? 

* And hey, don’t miss the men’s half pipe skiing, which has an American rivalry between David Wise and Torin Yayer-Wallace at its heart. Maybe there will be bitch slapping on the ice and maybe a screaming match. I know, skiers tend to be super relaxed about stuff, but wouldn’t that be fun? 

* I can’t imagine being a backseat driver is any more fun in bobsledding than it is in driving, but 2010 Olympic bronze medalist Elana Meyers is moving from brakeman to driver this year. Maybe she kept yelling directions from the back and telling her teammates it would be faster to cut through on Olympic Boulevard instead of taking the 10. 

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