With ‘Telephone’ still ringing, Lady GaGa thinks ahead to next video and directors

03.24.10 7 years ago

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What”s next for Lady GaGa? In addition to a U.S. summer tour that is selling out like gangbusters (she”s already adding multiple dates in cities), it looks like the next video will be for “Alejandro.”

“Alejandro” is a campy, but fairly mundane, tune from “The Fame Monster” that reminds us of Madonna”s “La Isla Bonita” crossed with Abba”s “Fernando.”   While Lady GaGa is the last person we expect a straight-ahead narrative from when it comes to videos, the tune lends itself to plenty of drama and we know that GaGa can bring that.
Given GaGa”s big love for fashion, it”s no surprise that she tapped fashion photographer Steven Klein to direct the clip, according to Women”s Wear Daily. Klein worked with Madge on her W cover shoot and shot some of the footage used on her tours.
In other LG news, The Wrap has an interesting story today that looks at the Lady GaGa phenomenon, primarily by giving a timeline of her success and her dominance across a number of genres. It calls her “A New Madonna Making Pop History” in the headline.
Here”s where I feel like screaming (not at the Wrap, just in general.). When Madonna came out, there was no one else to compare her to. She simply created a new page on the pop landscape. Then (more than 25 years ago!), Madonna was her own creature. There were, to be sure, artists who had created different personas like David Bowie, but there wasn”t an immediate same-sex antecedent, like Madonna provides for Lady GaGa. Plus, Bowie didn’t have Madonna’s broad-based, mainstream appeal.  Also, fame didn”t move at the warp speed then as it does now,  forcing artists  to do something drastic to re-capture the short-attention-span public”s attention every 15 seconds.
I”m not trying to take away from Lady GaGa”s success. She is wildly inventive, talented and amusing, if nothing else. And, furthermore, Madonna certainly doesn”t need me to defend her place is pop culture. It just seems like we”re in such a rush to label artists now and the fame bubble (or Monster, to keep it in LG parlance)  is so fragile and evanescent. Let”s give Lady GaGa a little more time to develop into her own creation. That”s all I”m saying.

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