WonderCon Notes: Ali Larter thinks ‘Heroes’ will be back

04.03.10 8 years ago 4 Comments


There is absolutely nothing official or scientific or even slightly meaningful about this story, but what’s the point of being at WonderCon if you’re not going to report on Ali Larter’s conviction that “Heroes” will be back next season?

Speaking at a Saturday (April 3)  panel for the next movie in the “Resident Evil” franchise, Larter was asked about future projects. She held out hope that her NBC superhero drama will be back for another season, despite dismal ratings and increased critical mockery.

“I think that we’ll be back,” Larter told the crowd. “I think that there are still stories that need to be told.”

That, plus an actual renewal and a quarter will get you another season of “Heroes,” plus 25 cents.

Larter urged fans to write, tweet and blog about the show and let NBC know that they want the show to return.

Strangely, there was almost no audience response to Larter’s news, perhaps due to ongoing skepticism from viewers regarding prognostications from the show’s cast (yes, we’re looking at you, Greg Grunberg). Or maybe after four seasons, even fans of “Heroes” feel like they’ve gotten enough “Heroes.”

NBC will presumably make an actual announcement on “Heroes” in May.

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