Woody Harrelson talks Francis Lawrence vs. Gary Ross for ‘Catching Fire’: Watch

05.31.13 5 years ago

“Catching Fire” — the sequel to “The Hunger Games” — may have lost the first movie’s director Gary Ross, but Wood Harrelson is confident in Francis Lawrence’s abilities to pick it right back up.

“There may have been no one other than Lionsgate execs that were more distraught than me when Gary Ross left,” Harrelson told HitFix during our recent interview for “Now You See Me.” He plays Haymitch Abernathy in the Hunger Games films. “I gotta say Francis, he’s fantastic, he’s a real gentleman, a great great director, really knows what he wants, really understands action.

“Believe me, the whole ‘Hunger Games’ franchise will not suffer from having him at the helm.”

Of course, “Catching Fire” won’t be out until Nov. 22 this year, but Harrelson’g got a feeling.

“I haven’t see the second one, so maybe I should save these comments for later. I’ve heard its great,” he laughed.

“Now You See Me” is out today (May 31).

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