‘Work Out’ star stages a Bravo ‘Thintervention’

10.14.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

 Bravo is currently in development on “Thintervention with Jackie Warner,” a new docu-series.

As the title implies, “Thintervention” focuses on Jackie Warner, whose high-end Los Angeles gym, Sky Sport & Spa, was the focus for three seasons of “Work Out” on Bravo.
In the series, Warner turns her attentions to fans struggling with ongoing weight issues. Working with the clients in their everyday lives, Warner deals with the clients’ dietary, exercise and emotional issues. 
“Thintervention with Jackie Warner” is produced by Shed Media U.S. for Bravo. Jennifer O’Connell and Nick Emmerson serve as executive producers along with Warner.
The Bravo press release offered no timetable for a “Thintervention” premiere.

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