You Can’t Have A Wedding Without Matching Life-Sized Dalek Cakes


Dinkydoodle Designs

When a TV Studio needed matching bride and groom Daleks for an event, they turned to Dinkydoodle Designs. Company owner Dawn Butler – along with five friends – forty eight slabs of spongecake, fifty-two pounds of filling cream, eighty-three pounds of chocolate ganache and a bucket of jam and a partridge in a pear tree to create these life-sized villains.


 Here they are working through the night to get the layers constructed.

The finished product!

They make such a handsome couple! But let’s not linger on how Daleks might consummate…

Sadly, the Daleks met an untimely demise though there is some debate as to the nature of their end. Accident or EXTERMINATE?

Head over to the Dinkydoodle Design official Facebook page to read more about how these cakes took shape!

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