You guys, in real-life, Hodor is totally a famous DJ with face tattoos

06.12.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Hodor? Hodor! Hodor. HODOR! Hodor…

If you do not speak Hodor, the most nuanced and sophisticated language this side of Icelandic Swahili, I will translate that for you. It says: “Holy shit, Hodor is a real guy named Kristian Nairn and he’s a famous DJ in Ireland with a bunch of tiny stars tattooed on his forehead!”

It seems that Kristian was a DJ long before he ever graced the back roads of Westeros with little Bran Stark on his back. In addition to holding a residency at a spot called Kremlin, an enormous gay club in Belfast, Kristian has toured all over the world with the likes of Calvin Harris, Mylo and the Scissor Sisters. Music is actually his main thing, and he landed the role of wonderful Hodor without having previously done much acting. Which, if you have seen Hodor emote, is basically impossible to imagine.

Would you like to know some more facts about Kristian? He is 37 years old, has two dogs named Cain and Hannibal, and enjoys video games. Here’s one of his remixes: 

And here’s a photo of him with a dog:

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