You too can learn to speak Dothraki from ‘Game of Thrones’

03.19.14 4 years ago

Nacho Punch

God forgive me, but I guess I totally missed the whole Muzzy infomercial phenomenon in the 1990s. If you did too, here's a quick example to get you up to speed:

Ok, got it? Weird, poorly animated animal cartoons? Silver-tongued spokeswoman who dresses disturbingly like Barbara Bush? Vaguely creepy blonde children in some dark, effed-up suburban living room? Good. Now, imagine what that infomercial would look like if the language course being advertised was for the totally fictional “Game of Thrones” dialect Dothraki, and you've pretty much got the gist of this new video parody by the folks over at Nacho Punch. Now how do you say “Your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth,” because that's something I would actually like to know?

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