Try to guess who’s playing The Dude in this ‘Big Lebowski’ live-read. Just try.

07.07.15 2 years ago

Try and take a guess who's reading the part of The Dude in this upcoming script live-read of “The Big Lebowski”…

Just try…

Did Michael Fassbender come to mind?

Jason Reitman's live-read script series has made its way to Montreal's Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and Reitman himself was shocked that Fassbender said yes to reading as The Dude, made immortal in the Coen Brothers' original film by Jeff Bridges.

“I heard from Simon Kinberg, who”s in Montreal now producing 'X-Men: Apocalypse,' that not only is Fassbender an enormous fan of The Big Lebowski, but he apparently quotes it daily,” Reitman told EW.

Patton Oswalt is on tap as reading for Walter (played first by John Goodman).

This is the Reitman's second time “re-casting” “Lebowski”: the first time, in 2012, it was Seth Rogen and Rainn Wilson as The Dude and Walter, respectively.

“Unlike other Live-Reads where I have a decent sense of how, for instance, Seth Rogen going to play The Dude, I have no idea how Fassbender will do it,” Reitman said. “But he”s one of the our greatest performers, he”s on the current Mount Rushmore of actors, so I can”t wait to see what he comes up with.”

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