YouTuber tries to explain ‘Suicide Squad’, fails

08.16.16 1 year ago

If you believe the majority of critics, Suicide Squad is a confusing mess of a movie. For example, the Minneapolis Star Tribune”s Colin Covert said it was “the kind of film grown in a petri dish in Hollywood.” Reviews like this haven”t done much to slow ticket sales as the film has already made more than $450 million worldwide. But what if someone tried to clarify the purpose of the group? Imagine if you will…

Now enter Jenny Nicholson. The frequent YouTube contributor decided it was time to decipher exactly what happened in the anti-superhero flick by pretending she was Amanda Waller selling the concept of the Squad to a government agent. It”s here Nicholson reveals all the absurdity and contradictions the movie includes.

“So like basically you”re sending in bad guys so you don”t have to risk innocent mens” lives?” Nicholson said, playing the Fed.  

“No there will be soldiers there too,” Nicholson responded, now playing Waller.

“Wait what?” she said, again as the Fed.

It goes on from there with a series of questions about boomerangs, marksmanship and crocodiles, not necessarily in that order.

At the risk of ruining a good 3+ minute joke, just check out the video below. It”s worth your time, more so than the movie.

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