Patrick Stewart is suddenly your worst nightmare

03.15.16 2 years ago


Indie distributor A24 has brought us some of the wildest, most innovative films of the last several years, with titles like Spring Breakers, Under the Skin, Ex Machina and The Witch offering up startling visions from filmmakers who aren't afraid to push the artistic envelope. The studio's next release, Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room, looks similarly provocative, partially for the way it perverts one of cinema's most beloved icons: Patrick Stewart, here playing the leader of a Neo-Nazi gang that lays siege to a punk rock band in a backwoods Oregon club.

Given the buzzworthy value of Stewart's unlikely turn, it's no surprise that his character has been made the focus of the film's second trailer (embedded below, along with a Patrick Stewart-centric motion poster), which sees the lovable thesp growling such lines as, “Shoot who's left…let 'em bleed.” Which is not something Professor X would ever say.

Green Room hits limited theaters on April 15 and goes wide April 29.

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