Zack Snyder Shows Off The New Batmobile For ‘Batman vs. Superman’


Zack Snyder

It's not much to look at but Zack Snyder released this first image of the Batmobile on Twitter today. Looks like it retains its classic structure but seems more sleek and streamlined than some versions. Bare bones is more gritty and would fit the theme set by 'Man of Steel.' 


What really interesting is the setting the Batmobile is placed in. This could be a storage facility for props but that's a completely valid and boring theory. Impromptu Twitter photos like this are usually anything but. So is this Verions 1.0 of Bruce Wayne's headquarters before setting up in the Batcave under Wayne Manor? Or could it be a warehouse facility that is part of a chase sequence? Either way, based on one photo we can arbitrarily conclude Batman's going to have more streamlined and realistic arsenal of wonderful toys in 'Batman vs. Superman.' 

Check out the photo above!

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