Zoe Saldana is ready for Uhura to see action in next ‘Star Trek’

09.14.09 8 years ago

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To say things  are going really well for Zoe Saldana these days is somewhat of an understatement.  The actress just appeared as the all-new Lt. Uhura in the blockbuster reboot of “Star Trek” and she’ll have a key role in the much discussed James Cameron fantasy flick “Avatar” this December.  That’s a big jump from roles in films on a lower playing field like “Vantage Point” and “Guess Who.”

HitFix recently spoke to Saldana and she discussed both films and her passion over returning to the “Trek” franchise with director J.J. Abrams was evident.

“‘Star Trek’ I had so much fun, but the boys had all the action,” Saldana says. “J.J. promised me that in the sequel she will have one little fight coming.  Just let me kick a guy in the groin or something.”

HitFix asked Saldana is she’d E-mailed Abrams about all the action she’s been doing in her other films to prove she was ready for it.

“[Expletive] yeah,” Saldana insists. “Omigod — we all have each other on a massive E-mail group, all the actors and one of the producers and JJ.  And just to read the back and forth between Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine and John Cho?   I mean I’ve been having tons of fun. The last two years have been fun because I’ve been working with amazing actors and directors.”

Another one of those top notch filmmakers is James Cameron, who recruited Saldana to play the alien Neytiri in the motion capture live action hybrid “Avatar.” 

“Avatar” will always have a special place in my heart because it was the one film I got to shoot for three year,” Saldana volunteered.  “Usually we only get to shoot for three months and it’s an amazing time with a cast, director and a crew. And then the film lives forever with you guys, but our experience will only live for a short time, so sometimes we feel cheated.  So, working with an amazing director like James Cameron and someone like Sam Worthington who is by far one of the most selfless actors I’ve ever met an literally we’re like brother and sister now. It was amazing.”

Saldana also revealed that not only has she seen all the preview footage that was at this year’s Comic-Con and in IMAX theater last month, but she’s seen the entire feature film.

She finished saying, “I always Email Jim anytime I hear ‘I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see this movie.’ and tell him, ‘People love ya.'”

“Avatar” opens nationwide and on IMAX on Dec. 18.

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