Zoe Saldana keeps the action coming with ‘Columbiana’

05.16.10 8 years ago

AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Hardly anything could live up to the mammoth success of “Avatar,” but the last month has not been especially good for Zoe Saldana.  Both her ensemble action flick “The Losers” an her ensemble comedy “Death at a Funeral” tanked at the box office.  Before the actress reunites with James Cameron and J.J. Abrams in “Avatar 2” and “Star Trek 2” respectively, Saldana may step into the leading role in her own action flick, “Columbiana.”

At the beginning of April, Saldana told HitFix how she always dreamed of playing roles such as Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor on the big screen [see embedded video below].  In “Columbiana,” she’d portray a deadly assassin whose lack of compassion was fostered by witnessing the death of her parents as a young girl.  By day she is a hitman in Bogota, Columbia working or her uncle, by night she hunts down the mobster she believes is responsible for her parent’s murder.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Luc Besson-produced thriller would shoot in late summer with “Transporter 3’s” Olivier Megaton on board to direct.  No word if alternative titles are in the works as well (hope springs eternal).

Saldana next big screen role is the long-delayed “Takers” which opens on the ominous dump date of Aug. 20.

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