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Ahmad Brooks And Ray McDonald Named In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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The same woman who accused Ray McDonald of rape last year has filed suit against McDonald and Ahmad Brooks.


Texts From Ted Wells Report Shows Tommy From Quinzee Really Did Deflate The Footballs

By | 43 Comments

They really are the two greatest surly henchmen ever. NO ONE DENIES THIS!


Which One Of These Guys Is Nick Foles: A KSK Investigation

By | 39 Comments

The Rams tweeted a picture of Nick Foles with teammates but didn't identify their quarterback. Let's help them out.

Komments of the Week


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Honoring the best and the brightest komments from the past week, and also get well soon, Trevor!


Randy Gregory Already Got A Cowboys Tattoo

By | 47 Comments

Not even a member of the Cowboys for a week, Randy Gregory is all about the brand.


Someone Stumbled On A Los Angeles Rams Bug On The NFL’s Website

By | 34 Comments

The Rams are bound for Los Angeles according to a bug on the NFL's website.

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Oh Nothing, Just Ndamukong Suh Arm-Wrestling Warren Buffett On TV

By | 17 Comments

The Dolphins defensive lineman arm-wrestled one of the richest men in the world on cable TV.

2015 NFL Draft

2015 NFL Draft Day 3 Open Thread

By | 540 Comments

The NFL Draft closes out with rounds 4-7 on one of the busiest sports days ever.


2015 NFL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

By | 493 Comments

Get ready for a lot of picks to be praised for their value.


Joe Namath Gave An Important Interview About Brain Health And We’re All Focusing On The Wrong Part

By | 22 Comments

Joe Namath revealed that he was part of a seven-month procedure that restored brain function to cells damaged by playing football.

2015 NFL Draft

Jameis Winston Celebrated Being The No. 1 Pick With A Crab Legs Dinner

By | 61 Comments

The former Florida State quarterback posed for a photo of him eating crab legs on draft night.

San Francsico 49ers

49ers Unveil Ugly Alternate Uniform When No One Is Watching

By | 16 Comments

Okay, the uniform actually looks okay, if it had a different helmet.


The Bears Tried To Trade Jay Cutler For Marcus Mariota

By | 13 Comments

The Bears tried to slip Jay Cutler into a trade offer to the Titans but Tennessee was, like, no thanks.

Live Blogification

2015 NFL Draft First Round Live Blog

By | 1,972 Comments

Let's watch some names being read, shall we.

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The Saints Draft Might Get One Fan Punched In The Dick

By | 24 Comments

If the Saints draft quarterback Bryce Petty, one confident fan might get punched in the dick.

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