The NFL Reduced Le’Veon Bell’s DUI Suspension To Two Games

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A weed DUI is not as bad as destroying a cell phone, according to the NFL.

jen welter

For Preseason, Arizona Cardinals Bring On First Female Coach In NFL History

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Jen Welter will be a coaching intern working with the inside linebackers during training camp and preseason.


NFL Now Reportedly Talking With NFLPA About Tom Brady Suspension Settlement

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Contrary to reports last week, the NFLPA and the NFL are now in settlement talks in the Tom Brady suspension appeal case.


Are You Sitting Down? I’ve Got A Pretty Crazy ‘Ballers’ Theory

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May not be an important detail, or it could be the clue that blows the mystery which is this show wide open.


Junior Seau’s Family Not Allowed To Speak At His Enshrinement Ceremony

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The Hall of Fame will only show a five-minute video that makes no mention of Seau's suicide.

KSK Week In Review

KSK Week In Review: Purple Poo

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Be safe on Sunday, ladies hanging out with Shady McCoy.

ksk mock drafts

KSK Mock Draft: YouTube Videos

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We sift through the endless trove of YouTube to pick our favorite time-wasting videos.

it's satire people

Why Can’t LeSean McCoy Have His Orgy In Buffalo?

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Say what you will about The Love Boat, at least it was docked in Minnesota.


Here Are The Outlandish Details Of LeSean McCoy’s ‘Females Only’ Party

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Don't go getting the wrong idea. This 21-and-over, private event at a secret location is definitely not a sex party.

come on and slam

A Modest Proposal: Make SpaceDown Instead Of Space Jam 2

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Tom Brady + Marshawn Lynch + Odell Beckham + Rob Gronkowski + Richard Sherman + The Looney Tunes = Cinematic Masterpiece. It's simple math.


The NFLPA Reportedly Made A Settlement Offer In The Tom Brady Appeal Case

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The players union is giving Roger Goodell an out and it comes as no shock that he isn't taking it.

degenerate gambling

The NFL Is Against Sports Betting, Uses Same Argument As Pro-Gambling Side

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It turns out the NFL and Department of Justice used the same argument on either side of the sports betting debate. Will this revelation open up gambling on the NFL soon?

Komments of the Week

Kommentariat Komments Of The Week: July 15th — July 21st

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References are at least funnier than sarcasm and innuendo.


Titans Receiver Justin Hunter Arrested For Felonious Assault

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The Titans receiver was arrested in Virginia Beach after an incident at a bar on July 3.

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