2015 NFL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

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Get ready for a lot of picks to be praised for their value.


Joe Namath Gave An Important Interview About Brain Health And We’re All Focusing On The Wrong Part

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Joe Namath revealed that he was part of a seven-month procedure that restored brain function to cells damaged by playing football.

2015 NFL Draft

Jameis Winston Celebrated Being The No. 1 Pick With A Crab Legs Dinner

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The former Florida State quarterback posed for a photo of him eating crab legs on draft night.

San Francsico 49ers

49ers Unveil Ugly Alternate Uniform When No One Is Watching

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Okay, the uniform actually looks okay, if it had a different helmet.


The Bears Tried To Trade Jay Cutler For Marcus Mariota

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The Bears tried to slip Jay Cutler into a trade offer to the Titans but Tennessee was, like, no thanks.

Live Blogification

2015 NFL Draft First Round Live Blog

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Let's watch some names being read, shall we.

xmas ape

The Saints Draft Might Get One Fan Punched In The Dick

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If the Saints draft quarterback Bryce Petty, one confident fan might get punched in the dick.


Top Prospect La’el Collins Is Repotedly Trying To Pull Out Of The Draft [UPDATED]

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The LSU lineman is trying to enter the supplemental draft while police investigate a related murder case of his ex-girlfriend.

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Your Last-Minute NFL Draft Smokescreens

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Sharing the best totally wrong information with you, dear reader.

xmas ape

Praise Be Duct Tape Jesus

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Still not as embarrassing as wearing a regular Riley Cooper jersey, mind you.

xmas ape

Will This Be The Year Mel Kiper Evacuates His Bowels During The NFL Draft?

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An ESPN producer says Mel Kiper has never taken a bathroom break during the draft. Will this be the year?

StuScott Booyahs

The Fail Lion has a New Decree for His Followers

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Lions fans have the best grammar of all NFL fans, thanks to their noble king.


KSK visits the Hall of Fame

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Draw Play Dave and Spilly made a pilgrimage to the football fan holy land.


Buccaneer Draft Fans React Completely Reasonably (Part One)

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Today we’ll focus on the folks who really, really don’t want Winston.

Trevor Risk


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With the rapid fire quantity of gags any reader would have felt as if they were being held down and tickled, much like reading a Jack Handey novel, or being actually held down and tickled.

xmas ape

A Former NFL Player Invented a Twerking Board Game

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When pensions fall short, twerking will come to the rescue.

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