03.03.09 9 years ago 45 Comments

Mini Fun With Peter King: Dutch Oven Edition. Commenter Slothrop points out this breathtakingly sycophantic and idiotic letter in today’s MMQB mailbag: From Stefan van den Abeelen of San Luis Obispo, Calif.: “I was curious if you, or any of your colleagues, have ever been offered a job with any NFL franchise or the NFL itself. It seems that with the dedication to the game and the seemingly endless knowledge you have, teams would be eager to have a person like you in some kind of front office or scouting position.” Holy Jesus. I just seized up and hallucinated Peter King hiring Mitch Puin as head coach, stocking the Gatorade coolers with Chock Full O Nuts, and typing up plays on his Macbook Air.

King’s ‘bag also contains this awesome sentence: “I think (Matt) Leinart would have played well this year had he gotten the chance. How well, no one knows.” Now there is a man with seemingly endless football knowledge. Matt Leinart defines chemistry.

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