UPDATE: Second round voting also open here. Finally.

IT IS NOW, TRULY, A PEOPLE’S TOURNAMENT. Our friends at Reclaiming The Title and What Would Jane Austen Do have been gracious enough to host some of the first-round matchups remaining from the carnage of last week. Do visit and vote. And thanks for taking part in this utter disgrace of an event. 

Caveman Regional 5 vs. 12 – WWJAD

Caveman Regional 1 vs. 16 – RTT

Caveman Regional: 4 vs. 13 – WWJAD

Caveman Regional: 8 vs. 9 – RTT

Caveman Regional 6 vs. 11 – PUNTE

Caveman Regional 3 vs. 14 – PUNTE

Caveman Regional 2 vs. 15 – PUNTE

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