03.31.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

UPDATED NASTY BRACKET: For those following along, here are the updated results of the Nasty Fetish tourney (click on thumbnail). Punte’s got a little catching up to do on his side of the bracket on his site, but he insists he’ll get up to date by tomorrow. For those who hate the tourney and await our return to tangentially covering the NFL, but really using it as an excuse to make rape jokes, here are your football headlines of the day: Plax’s trial adjourned until June! Career put off until forever! Cato June visited the Texans! Probably whilst intoxicated! Jonathan Vilma owns murder scene! Ray-Ray jealous! Larry Johnson open to the idea of continuing to suck in KC! Carson Palmer is a liar! Ryan Moats forgives people easier than I!

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