08.21.09 9 years ago 11 Comments

ONE LAST TRICK FOR THIS BOOK WHORE. A bunch of filthy tech geek electro-hippies with their libraries in their bookPods were bugging me this week about when my book was going to be out for the Kindle. After a whole four days of delay, it is now available, so download away. Remember though, you can only throw the Kindle at someone’s face once (max twice) before it breaks. The Luddites win again! Anyway, if you want to hear me jabber on more about the book and football, I was on both Shutdown Corner‘s and FanHouse‘s podcast today. Also, I was on James Carville’s satellite radio show this morning, which I can’t link to, but I mention because he called the Redskins “the biggest crap organization in all of sports”. I knew there was a reason to like that guy.

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