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EVEN MORE OVERLONG COLUMNS ABOUT FOOTBALL! Today saw the debut of “The Designed Rush“, my weekly NFL column at The Sporting Blog, which will run each Tuesday. And while I get to beat Drew to “press” each week (only because Mrs. Drew takes until Wednesday to get around to cleaning the caked-on bacon paste off her husband’s typing wand) he gets to do things like Nazi Shark at Deadspin (who, by the way, just adored this video). Me? At the more stodgy TSB, I can only get away with the Khmer Rouge Raptors* (Asian and a raptor! Double the evil genius! Also works in packs! For cheap!).

Also, a reminder that my D.C. reception and reading for my book is at 18th Amendment on Capitol Hill from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Thursday. The reading will be closer to 7, so don’t feel obligated to show up early and awkwardly hang around with me and my friends and family. Afterward, we’ll head three blocks down the street to watch the season opener.

*May not actually exist

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