09.15.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

MOAR $ PLZ. Congratulations, sexy readers: we’ve cracked the $1000 mark in the KSK Kares Kharity Drive to benefit my impending ass-kicking in Fight Gone Bad IV, benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes for a Cure. Unfortunately, we’ve still got a ways to get to the $5000 goal.

As incentive, I shall post photos of the delightfully in-shape women of CrossFit until we get to 5 G’s. (Just as a general suggestion to every woman in the world: you are hereby invited to do more squats. Yowza.) Also, I realize we have female/gay readers, so here’s a little somethin’ for you, too.

If you haven’t donated yet (or feel like donating again — c’mon, you don’t need that lap dance), you can do so here. Thanks for all your generosity so far. (click image for larger)

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