Kevin Everett Honorary Meast of the Week and a Moratorium on Talking About Obnoxious Pats Fans

By 10.24.07

We’ve reached our threshold for discussing how much we hate New England’s fans, at least for the remainder of the week. Maj will probably chime in with something on Sunday when the Pats beat the Redskins 600-6. Until then, allow us to totally disrespect New England by turning our gaze toward some of the other NFL teams.

We’ve gotten scads of comments and e-mails from Patriots fans accusing us of being jealous, resentful haters who despise them for their freedom, righteousness of spirit and ability to engage in reasoned arguments. As a Steelers fan, I’m the only truly unabashed Patriots hater among our cadre of cocksmen. Ufford actually likes them, that stupid contrarian. He should go write for Slate or something.

Yes, I’m bitter about the two AFC Championship Game losses at home and I’m envious of their recent success. But mostly it’s everything we’ve covered at length over the last five or so posts. They’re all terrible people and I hope their kids grow up to be Yankees fans and vote Republican. I can only thank Yahweh that the Ravens blow goat nuts or my life would be totally devoid of meaning.

Anyway, your Meast this week is the Seahawks’ Darryl Tapp, who nearly doubled his previous career total of 4.5 sacks with another four against the Rams, as well as contributing a forced fumble. All with a broken hand. He was busy fisting your mother with the other.

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