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Ay, Ay, Frankie. C’mere a Minute. Checks This One Out.

By 11.19.07

Jets fan: Hey, Steeluh fan. I like your little sign with the word Jets with the little circle job and the line trew it. You do that in colored pencil? Where’s the sparkles and glued on macaroni? Good thing you didn’t let Roethlisberger help you out, he probably would’ve spelled Jets with two down facing arrows, the number four and a motorcycle.

Steelers fan:

Jets fan: How dare ya come into Giants Stadium and insult this team. We’re the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! Fear our fleaflickers and long pass interference penalties!

Steelers fan:

Jets fan: That’s a nice offensive line you got there, Steeluhs. More like steel wool. Am I right? Eh, am I right? Eeeehhhh, you know I’m right.

Steelers fan:

Jets fan: Holy shit. Ay, you know what? Your coach looks like Omar Epps. HAAAAAAAAA. Love and Basketball, more like Love and Losing on the Road in Football. No shit, I just made that up. How fucking clever am I? If your team didn’t suck, you’d be laughing so hard right now.

Steelers fan:

Jets fan: I can’t believe people was saying you was going to beat New England in a few weeks. You don’t understand that you don’t beat the Patriots, you just start accusing them of shit. That’s what we’re doing when we go to Foxborough. Opening possession, BAM!, we hit ’em with the Cameragate stuff. When they get up by a few touchdowns and the game is far out of reach, WHAMMO, we whack ’em with the running up the score charges. After the game, we’ll be talking for weeks about how our audio equipment wasn’t working. Blueprint for success, sweetheart.

Steelers fan:

Jets fan: Yo, don’t you think this white hoodie makes me look like Stormshadow from G.I. Joe? I bet if the Jets were in that show, all their guns would shoot green lasers and they’d win 20 percent of the time.

Steelers fan:

Jets fan: You know this is just jokes, right? Why don’t I take you back ’round my spot. This area may not look like much, but I bet you ain’t seen West Rutherford. It’s got a Fuddrucker’s and shit. Lemme get that number. C’mon. I’ll even let my man Frankie hit it. I owe him for taking my sister out last week. She ain’t the prettiest, you know. I worry about her sometimes.

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