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The Sex Cannon Introduces The Bullet

By 11.25.07

Rex: Was it good for you, baby?

All I know is that it was good for me, and that’s all I really give a shit about. Have a cigarette. I like to bring it right to the precipice before unloading deep in your territory. Rexy likes his erotic asphyxiation.

Don’t act like you don’t like it. Right, Devin?

Devin: Shit, yeah. You goddamn right. I like that shit. I run LONG for that pussy.

I go STRONG to the pussy.

I get ALONG with the pussy.

I sing a SONG about the pussy.

I do things WRONG to the pussy.

I eat dim sum in HONG KONG with the pussy.

I hit that pussy so fast it turn to glass. You ladies look out. The Bullet’s comin’ fast and hard at that ass.

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