5 / 6 of KSK celebrates never having to hear the Maj talk up BLloyd again

By: 02.27.08
“He’s is going to make some lucky CFL team VERY happy. You’ll see!”

The Washington Redskins have decided to cut their losses in the failed Brandon Lloyd experiment. The Skins shelled out a couple draft picks and $10M to land Lloyd a couple years back. While their quarterbackery was sketchy during his stint in DC, the fact remains that BLloyd scored as many touchdowns for the Skins as I did.

While some would call Lloyd a woeful bust (and lazy to boot), in Unsilent Majority’s world he was a delicate flower, who never got the respect he was so richly due. A fact that Maj was often reminding of us of in the daily email threads. (“If they don’t throw to him then what’s he supposed to do?” * ) While the rest of us grudgingly admire Maj’s pie-eyed enthusiasm– and even tacitly endorse Lloyd’s Aikman-baiting, if we never hear his name again it will be too soon.

*- He really said it; I shit you not.

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