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Almost Tom Brady

By 10.08.08

What would life be like if you had Tom Brady’s chin, but Tarvaris Jackson’s arm?

Yeah this is a tad creepy, but I checked out the faux Brady’s website to confirm it’s just a sketch. Turns out he’s a comedian named Theo Von. According to his bio, Von– who has attended more colleges than Sarah Palin and Willie Williams combined– is a veteran of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and MTV’s “Road Rules”. With a resume like that, this video would have to be considered his Citizen Kane.

There could be worse fates than bearing a slight resemblance to a dude for whom women (and Alex Rodriguez) want to drop their panties. For instance, I’ve been told at various points that I look like Ari Fleischer and Jared from Subway. Let that mental picture sink in, ladies. SEXAY!!!!

Thanks to KSK reader Richie H. for the tip.


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