Dwyane Wade Owns Chicago

“You tried to kill me, you son of a bitch… so welcome to the revolution.”

By 03.10.09

You know, when I heard yesterday that Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes was STABBED IN THE HEAD by his girlfriend, I of course instantly thought of the greatest headstabbing scene in the history of cinema. Then, naturally, I wondered if there were a way to dramatize Hayes’ plight through that very same scene. A few hours later… BAM!

LSUFreek comes through with flying fucking colors. This man has a gift (Rick Reilly says you could even say he has a gif!). He has the power to make my dreams, no matter how pointless and trivial, come to life. In a way, LSUFreek is like a better version of Jesus. You think Jesus knows how to use photoshop? FUCK AND NO. So bow down before our new savior.

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