Trent Green's brain is 25% Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard

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Trent Green Learns From The Master: Well, we couldn't let <a href=>this</a> go unnoticed during our week off.

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KSK Turns Three.


“Dats All Fact”

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I'm the most sensitive person in the world to people hating on my team, but I can't resist this deranged video comparing the Steelers unfavorably to the New York Yanks football team.

Unsilent Majority

Doritos As a Sexual Aid, STD’s, and Keeper Quandaries: Your KSK Fantasy Sex/Football Advice Mailbag

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Welcome back for another edition of the Fantasy Sex Advice Mailbag, the mailbaggiest mailbag on the internet.

Unsilent Majority

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LAST MINUTE MAILBAG REMINDER Remember to <a href="">send in</a> your submissions for the Fantasy Football and Sex Advice Mailbag before it's too late.


An Open Letter To KSK From Jets Coach Rex Ryan

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We're always impressed when we get letters from people around the NFL.

sometimes I wish I was black

Brandon Jacobs Has Excellent Taste in T-Shirts, Women

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Eagle-eyed reader James sent along this winning picture of Giants RB Brandon Jacobs with a tasty piece of arm candy at <a href="" target="_blank">a party two weeks ago</a>.

stupid nicknames no one cares about

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"SMASH AND DASH" SMASHED, DASHED <a href="">Chris Johnson put the kibosh on the tandem nickname</a> he shares with LenWhale, because White got gravy stains all over it and stretched it out in the legs, leaving DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to lay claim to the moniker contention-free.

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I Think Marty B Likes Cap’n Crunch

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Just the thing you need to gonzo up your day is Marty B rap-rhapsodizing about his love for Cap'n Crunch, which is capped off with him cerealkkaking himself in the face.

this week in f k you

This Week In F—K YOU: Ellen DeGeneres And Her Retarded Dancing

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We’re in the slowest stretch of the offseason now: the dreaded post-draft period.

what a hothead

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Jim Brown Will Defenestrate Me Via Phone.

impending lawsuits

Jim Brown dismayed by lack of activism and lack of wife-beating

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See, I don’t engage in “serial domestic violence,” <a href="">I beat me some women</a>— if you don’t see the difference now, brother, you never will.


Joe Namath + Autotune = Post

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In the immortal words of Nasir Jones, "F*#k Jay Z.

shaka coffee


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When we last left sign-adhering cum landfill <a href=>Peter King,</a> he was recommending a book written by his close friends (you know the Normans, don’t you.

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Jason Campbell Converses With a Dolphin As Though It Were a Peer or Maybe Even a Lover

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Jason Campbell: <a href="">Hey there dolphin.</a> Dolphin: [Dolphin sounds] Jason Campbell: You mind if I call you Matthew Lilliard.

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