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By 05.18.10

Yo yo. Pacman b waxn dat azz wen mista brown a dem O-HIGH-O Buglez sez shiit b bak on.

And Pacman say fa rilly?

And mista brown say fa rilly.



O fukk yezz. Pacman down widdit. Pacman gon shine. He gon O-HIGH-O and blastn sum a dat azz. He gon bust dat puzzy till itz hamburggr. Den he gon eet dat burger ABABABABABABABABA.

And Pacman gon drank. O HE GON DRANK. U thank he ain’t gon drank? Pacman gon drank tll hiz grillz b 1/2way up dat azz. He gon mak gold toof shorteez in dat puzzy. Datz how da puzzy getz 2 b da puzzy. It ain’t no puzzy less Pacman put sum a hizz ghostz in dat shiit. BLINK BLINK BLINK.

But Pacman heern dem Cinzy whytees don b likin Pacman. Dey sayn Pacman a cruuk. Dey sayn Pacman a blakk. Pacman ain’t no cruuk. He blakk. DASS 4 SHO. But he ain’t no cruuk. Pacman say dem Cinzy whytees see dat blakk snake MOAN an dey get nerviss.

Pacman don b blamn yall. Cuzz dizz blakk snayk GON MOAN. It gon rapp round yo fukkn noggn an mak yall blind. CUZZ PACMAN GOT DAT 100 YARD DIKK. HAW HAW! HE AIN’T PLAYN!!!

So Pacman gon drank. Hee ain’t gon fukk aroun. Pacman gon drank till he b fukkn tearn up bitchezz. Gon do open hart sirgirry on dat puzzy. Gon b yo pacemaka. BULLEE DAT.

Pacman gon 2 da O-HIGH-O.


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