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Enjoyable Pictures From The Weekend

By 07.19.10

Bill Belichick’s tampering grievance against Andy Reid was not taken seriously by most in the league offices.

Remember the weekend? It was awesome. You didn’t have a whole lot to do so you figured you’d sleep in for a few hours. And hey, you deserved it after staying up late drinking all of that whiskey. Well now the weekend is over and you’re stuck sitting in an office, quietly awaiting death’s cold embrace. Well cheer up, because we have fun pictures to show you!

While you were busy drinking, Randy Moss was visiting Sea World (unfortunately he was not joined by Ndamukong Suh and Stoned Birthday Dog). He took the time to cavort with Sir Winston the walrus and some Rockhopper penguins.

Continue after the jump for a picture of Josh Freeman encountering some of Tampa Bay’s famed wildlife.

Image courtesy of WhatTheBuc.net (as seen in that watermark above) via Joe Buc Fan (not to be confused with Joe Buck’s fans, of which there are none.)

Oh, and hey, good for Freeman. He seems like a pretty chill bro who totally deserves to have some tits pressed up against his ribs. He threw 10 touchdown passes last season, you know.

Now take one last look at that sideboob and get back to work. There’s more whiskey waiting for you at home.

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