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KSK Kommenter Draft: Place You Want to See Demolished by a Rampaging Bull

By 08.20.10

This week’s draft is ripped from the headlines. By that I mean I saw the newspaper in the shitter break-room and thought “Dude, this would make a kickass draft,” then I ripped the headline out of the paper. Apparently, some wackadoo bull went all Ron Artest on everybody’s ass in Spain. Or possibly Mexico– I’m fuzzy on the details. In retrospect I should have ripped out more than just the headline.

This week’s draft is the place you would most like to see demolished by a rampaging bull. For me, it wasn’t a tough call. I’ve always dreamed I would live to see a bull just go nuts inside a Cheesecake Factory. I don’t bear any animus towards that restaurant or its patrons– I just think it would be entertaining as hell to watch one of those crazy beasts tear shit up in a Cheesecake Factory. Glass shattering; people diving under tables. Arugula everywhere. Pretty sweet.

Make your own selections in the comments. Wait ten picks. Repeat.

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