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R.I.P. Dick Clark

Stephen A. Saves The Black Athlete: KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By 04.18.12

Ryan Clark went on ESPN First Take to trash reporters who make a practice of denigrating the intelligence of athletes and don’t think they understand what journalists are trying to accomplish by asking certain questions. In particular, Clark went after long-time blog target and Cheez Doodles enthusiast, Stephen A. Smith, saying he has the same college degree that Smith has, before adding a bitchy putdown about SAS’s receding hairline.

Stephen A. responded as Stephen A. would, with self-aggrandizement mixed with a vague injection of racial politics.

Ah, the days when there would be at least one of these per week. Actually, there probably still are, but no one much pays attention to Stephen A. these days.


Quasi-importantish draft nugget:


Aw dammit. Don’t tease me like that.

– Minus of the draw of Ol’ Battleship, the Colts are struggling to sell season tickets. Apparently the Humps are gonna sit out Luck’s first three seasons before deciding whether he’s gonna produce them the annual 13 wins they’ve come to expect. Until then: nothing.

– The Jaguars are targeting players who have solid marriages in the team’s free agent search. Sure, the Jags will take flak, but players’ children will have a better shot at success than those from any other three-win team.

– A Denver sports talk show got a respectable Jim Rome impersonator to predict the Broncos are going to finish 2-14 this season. I give it a 7.5 in trolling and 8.0 in accuracy. Via.

– Aw, Dick Clark died. A shame Punte is no longer around to memorialize him.

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