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The Seahawks Are Uniform Reveal Champions

By 04.03.12


The NFL media borg has settled in New York to give Nike a day-long commercial for their new NFL uniforms and merchandise. That’s nice; Nike doesn’t get nearly enough presence in the sports world. I only hope they can extend the same courtesy to Gatorade. The biggest news of the day is the dramatic changes made to the Seahawks uniform, which haS gone from ghastly to a different type ghastly with less blocky fonts.

With the Bills having switched to their vastly improved throwback look, the Seahawks, Vikings and Jaguars were vying for the worst unis in the league. I’m thinking the Seahawks have pulled away. Shots fired, fellow ugmos.

Thankfully, Seattle found a way to squeeze in an awkward visual reference to their stolen 12th Man fan base name with wings down the side of the pants. That’s important. The team’s official colors are as follows: Wolf grey, which I believe is the official color of Liam Neeson movies; college navy, which shouldn’t yet be eligible to play in the pros; and action green, which should be the name of a ’70s blaxploitation hero.

Reaction to the new look has fallen decidedly on the mockery side of things.

WELP, at least KSK’s resident C-HOX fan likes them, and that surely counts for something.

[Second pic via SB Nation]

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