Well, Teebstock Happened

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Tim Tebow’s outdoor Gathering of the Fuggalos ended up drawing roughly 15,000, about half of the 30,000 that organizers were anticipating, so clearly Tim Tebow is done as a cultural phenomenon and we can return to living peaceable lives devoid of Tebowtardery. Ooh ho ho. You got me. That’s not true. Can’t slip wishful thinking past you.

Anyway, the Runslinger talked about how athletes are actually role models and that America needs a return to “what this country was based on: one nation under God”, which is questionable but just about exactly what you would expect Teebs to say. Also meeting expectations was the crowd, which was chock full of people needing a book to the face.

“We have never worn another jersey other than orange and blue,” said Debbie Sandoval, a lifelong Denver Broncos fan who lives in Round Rock, a suburb between here and Austin.

But she said she and her family were sticking with Tebow, who was recently traded to the Jets from Denver, and they wore green to the Celebration Church’s Easter on the Hill prayer service in Georgetown, a city of 47,000 about 30 miles north of Austin.

If John Elway personally came to the Sandoval home to thank them for jumping ship to another team to follow Tebow, he might crack the top 10 of my favorite people all-time.

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