15-Minute Kill Kill Kill Superkill

By: 05.01.12

Unless the NFL decides to nuggetbomb us with the Saints player suspensions, it’s shaping up to be a pretty slow Tuesday afternoon, which is such a Tuesday thing to be. Anyway, Vince Young working out for the Bills, will bring towels. Twitter oversharer Jabar Gaffney released by Redskins. Ol’ Brittfar calling his country lawyer ’cause he’s gonna have to testify in court about his dong shots. There. You’re all caught up.

Now let us while away the afternoon to the mellifluous sounds of sweet, sweet death. The above video purports to be “The Best Animal Fight” when really it’s many animal fights and you could reasonably argue that the best animal fight is not among them (Scar v. Simba, 1994). Nevertheless, there is a lot of quality on display. And an impressive array of match-ups. In particular, I recommend rhino vs. warthog at the 1:04 mark. Woohoo, loogit him fly!

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