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Seems Like A Thing Charles Haley Would Do…

By 05.18.12

RGIII was on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday night. You might have been unaware unless you’re within gushing range of the D.C. media or you’re one of those people who makes it a habit to watch Leno, in which case: gross.

As you might expect, Griffin discussed socks, at point offering them to House, with the suggestion he could cut one up to make a tie. At the end, RGIII engaged in some impromptu beatboxing. If those skills were put to use on the field, it could be the most hip-hop snap count in history since the time that MC Serch breakdanced an audible call in his little-remembered tenure as Jets QB in the ’80s.

If D.C. news radio station WTOP (WEATHER AND INAPPROPRIATE HEADLINES ON THE 10s) is to be believed, RGIII also masturbated and blew a load on Leno’s face. Shame that was edited out of the broadcast. Searched through the NBC site and they didn’t even make it an online exclusive. Way to neglect your audience, guys.

In the meantime, here’s the second part of the Tonight Show appearance with the beatboxing bit. Rahzel-GIII is in the last 30 seconds or so.

[via a Jacob W. share]


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