Bruce Irvin Lacks Team Awareness

By: 06.25.12

Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson has had his own YouTube show called “The Real Rob Report” for some time. The show typically involves him interviewing fellow players with the real talk flowing freely. While the show is usually at least entertaining, Robinson would benefit from the services of an editor, as episodes often run eight or nine minutes, which is practically an eternity in YouTube time.

The latest installment is no different in that regard, but is noteworthy because it features rookie defensive end Bruce Irvin, the guy everyone called a SUPER REACH when the Seahawks took him with the 15th overall pick, talking about his experience on draft day. Irvin proceeds to talk about being taken by the Redskins for 20 seconds before being corrected and exclaiming, “I’m f*cked up, I’m f*cked up.” He’s then asked to project his sack total for this season. He says he doesn’t want to jinx anything before calling for double-digit sacks.

Delightful. Still doesn’t excuse the fact that Robinson doesn’t just follow Marshawn Lynch around to chronicle his behavior, but it will do. Irvin clip starts at the 3:15 mark.

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