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LaMarr Woodley Hoisted By His Own Pranktard

By 06.06.12

A couple months back, we posted a video of LaMarr Woodley arranging a fake magazine photoshoot to get Michael Turner, Marcedes Lewis and Steve Breaston dressed up in ridiculous outfits. Giggle fits were had and we resumed trying to drink our way through the off-season shortly thereafter, assuming the matter finished.

But it turns out to be a second installment in the LaMarr Woodley Prankster Chronicles. Comeuppance eventually arrives for all pranksters, of course, and in LaMarr’s case, it’s a fake bachelor party thrown by his buddies that includes, among other things, a monstrous stripper who shares a body type suspiciously similar to our old friend fat Steelers fan. She takes a spill and tries to blame Woodley, at which point he calls in James Harrison, who sics a pack of pit bulls on her. Tragic unintended ending, to say the least. At least that’s what should have happened.


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