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Tony Romo Stresses The Importance Of Baby Branding

By 06.12.12

It’s important to instill values in your kids while they’re young. If possible, while their brains are still spongy and unable to record memories. And what could more important than the line of sports apparel that you endorse? If you’re Tony Romo, it’s second only to making sure you have time to fit in 18 holes every day.

Sensing an opportunity with Father’s Day upcoming, the folks at Starter sent out pictures of Romo, the only person in America who still wears Starter, posing with little baby bromo Hawkins, both sporting Starter gear.

You know these shots are meant to be classy because it’s the first instance in history that Romo has been spotted not wearing a ballcap backward. That they included one in black-and-white is just tasteful enough to make us forget that he’s using his infant son as a billboard for Starter.


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