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By 08.24.12

"This is a song I wrote called, 'I'm the Best, Everybody Love Me'."

I don’t really know any Indianapolis Colts fans, so I don’t have much of a frame of reference, but I think Jim Irsay is simply a delight. He’s that perfect combination of extremely wealthy, insanely arrogant, and shamelessly without filter, which is a lot more refreshing than, say, a certain owner who spends more time blowing celebrities than he does building a winning football team. *whispers* I f*cking hate you, Steven Ross.

Irsay’s greatest outlet is Twitter, through which he gives us a great deal of insight into his personal life, team news and his musical influence. Perhaps most importantly he gives us nuggets such as this:

And that’s a great question. I sure don’t know the answer. What I do know, though, is that something BIG is about to go down in Indy, because Irsay was super excited about something yesterday.

Did someone say winds?

A serious vet or starter? Does that mean Maurice Jones-Drew? Are the Colts trying to deal for Larry Fitzgerald? But he said back in January that the Colts are in a rebuilding period.

I can’t think of any other veterans that would even be considered for a trade right now, but he’s getting the fans all excited for something huge. Just a few months ago, though, Irsay was preaching patience.

So the deal fizzled out? I’m confused! Irsay just said that the Colts aren’t in a rebuilding period and that he thinks this team will make the playoffs. But this all just seems like a case of blue balls from someone who needed a little attention. He could at least let me know what a hotcake is.


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